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Elementary School

⭐️ 2nd Prize

Awarded by the Czech Chamber of Architects

24th of October 2017

In cooperation with Ing.arch. Richard Zacpal, Ing.arch. Barbora Koprivova

The proposed school building in Říčany redefines the existing unsatisfactory urban situation of the site by clearly completing the south-eastern edge of Komenský náměstí. It allows the square to stand out, divided by solitary houses in the middle into a representative front of the high school, an ornamental garden and an informal, residential meadow. A new piazzetta between the gymnasium and the school building forms a dignified entrance to the new building for future generations. The school's internal concept is based on a 'learning landscape', erasing traditional corridors, thresholds, boundaries and walls to create, through a large residence hall, a learning space that offers both grand and intimate spaces for learning and living.

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