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Maternity House in Prague

⭐️ 2nd Prize

Awarded by the Czech Chamber of Architects

24. October 2017

Author: Ing.arch. Barbora Koprivova

In the maternity house, the birth delivery is understood as a normal and natural part of life, not as an ”operation”. Midwives are providing complex, continual and individual child and mother care. The woman is not considered a patient, but an individual. The circumstances of childbirth are not defined by the staff but by the future mother herself.

The goal of this work is to provide an alternative to medically induced childbirth and home births. The maternity house provides a service that seems to be forgotten by the majority of today’s hospitals: normal birth. The certainty that is offered by these institutions is demeaned by the lack of patience, communication problems and sometimes even doubtful carried out by experts.

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