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Parking House

In cooperation with Ing.arch. Richard Zacpal | Ing.arch. Barbora Koprivova

The area surrounding the planned parking house in Liberec is currently a mishmash of different ages, styles, and materials, creating a colorful yet disjointed patchwork. Despite this, there are qualities worth noting, such as the abundance of greenery that creates a small sample of the nearby mountains and the Regional Office and European House building, which stands alone as a solitaire structure. Our goal is to bring these incoherent elements together to create a new, refined square that befits the importance of the regional institution.

By constructing a high-capacity parking house in the north, we can allocate the southern part of the site to become a park. This will allow us to meet the parking demand while keeping the rest of the site free for more meaningful purposes. The parking house is designed as a steel structure with composite steel-concrete ceilings, which is cost-effective and allows for speedy construction in phases. It also utilizes a half-floor parking system, reducing the need for vertical communication and increasing parking efficiency. To further integrate the structure with the surroundings, it will be covered with greenery.

site plan.jpg
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